The orDrumbox is a software drum machine, designed to a creative pattern based way of drum programming with automatic music composition capabilities. You can compose beats even with polyrhythms, bass line and complete songs using included drum kits with the audio sequencer functions.
  • Pattern oriented: You can create songs by assembling various patterns.
  • Automatic composer: You can add melodic scales and semi-random notes to make the orDrumbox compose rhythmic and melodic patterns under your control.
  • Automatic sound assignations: The orDrumbox use Natural Language Processing for matching sounds to tracks and to "categorize" sounds.
  • Drum Kits: You can import, create, modify and save drum kits. It's a "sound library" in one single file.
  • Loops: Just import a loop wav file in your drumkit and the orDrumbox will automatically stretch loops to fit your rhythm
  • Sequencer: You can assemble patterns in a song.
  • Importing/Exporting: The orDrumbox generates and exports songs and individual patterns in 16 bits /44 Khz/stereo sounds CD-quality, so you can re-use them in any other sound application.

Kaffeine - KDE Media Player

Kaffeine is full featured Media Player for KDE. It supports all kinds of local and network media and digital video broadcasting (DVB). At the moment Kaffeine can use xine-lib or GStreamer as backend.



Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine for GNU/Linux. It's main goal is to bring professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming.

Features are
  • Very user-friendly, modular, fast and intuitive graphical interface based on QT 3.
  • Sample-based stereo audio engine, with import of sound samples in .wav, .au and .aiff formats.
  • Support of samples in compressed FLAC file.
  • Pattern-based sequencer, with unlimited number of patterns and ability to chain patterns into a song.
  • Up to 64 ticks per pattern with individual level per event and variable pattern length.
  • 32 instrument tracks with volume, mute, solo, pan capabilities.
  • Multi layer support for instruments (up to 16 samples for each instrument).
  • Ability to import/export song files.
  • Unique human velocity, human time, pitch and swing functions.
  • Multiple patterns playing at once.
  • JACK, ALSA, PortAudio and OSS audio drivers.
  • ALSA MIDI and PortMidi input with assignable midi-in channel (1..16, ALL).
  • Import/export of drumkits.
  • Export song to wav file.
  • Export song to midi file.


Cinefx is a suite of open source, cross platform digital content creation tools.

Now you only need one multimedia player to view all of your videos offline. Cineplay has freed millions of video viewers from the restraints of video codec limitations. It’s simple drag and drop feature makes it one of the easiest multiple format media players on the market.

Cinecode is an offline encoding tool that allows you to convert virtually any file format to flash on your desktop. Just drag and drop any video file into the CineCode application and CineCode will convert the file to flash. It’ that easy!

Cinefx is an offline editing and visual effectstool that allows you to work with any file format in real time on your desktop. Just drag and drop your files into the Cinefx and your are on your way to tkaing over Hollywood!